A summer friendship

It was almost like a summer romance; a friendship that was as sudden and unlikely as rains in March. The three of us first met on a train speeding to Delhi – the start to an awesome trek in the Himalayas. One was a lanky curly-haired boy of 21, who alternated dangerously between acting like he’s five, or getting lost deep in thought. The other was a sweet-looking helpful girl who I didn’t really interact with during the trek… Not in my wildest dreams did I think three such varied individuals would become inseparable within less than a month’s time.

It began simply for one reason, that of the trekking group of 15 or so, we were the only three people who had ‘time’ on our hands. We were all unemployed; I was awaiting professional qualification after which I was sure to start job-hunting, and these two were 2 years younger than me and had much lesser worries of education and jobs.

And so it began. We were like three forever-hungry and almost-always-broke teenagers, and on most days we had no option but to lock ourselves in my room, shut the blinds and watch back-to-back movies, since we could not afford going out. On lucky days when one of us had some money, we treated ourselves to chicken subs and wraps, and that too secretly, as it was in addition to what my Mom used to prepare for lunch.

Now, I had already realized that living with the parents past The Twenties is a big disadvantage. To top that, these two taking up residence plus dining in my room, was maddening enough for my parents, but they were pretty much helpless, save the weekly fights we had on the ‘kind of friends I bring into the house’, and how ‘I was wasting my life’. Nothing unusual there…

We all knew this was short-lived, and would come to an end once one of us started working, or my parents decided to throw us all out, whichever happened earlier. We thus had an unspoken pact to spend every waking moment together. We prepared bucket lists of movies and series to watch, and devoured brilliant films of every possible genre, day after day.

Chicken steamed Momos!

The evenings were the highlight of our time together. The best part about my building is a terrace on the 10th floor, which has a splendid view of mountains and city lights around the necklace-shaped bend in the road on one side, and speeding lights of cars zooming down the highway on the other. It was this terrace that had become our sanctuary, and here we retreated to enjoy our evenings with delicious chicken steamed Momos, and some John Mayer playing in the background.

Conversations were never needed on such evenings. We were dreamers, artists in our own ways. Silence itself was our conversation, and we were often at peace, lost in synchronized thoughts, perhaps… When the moon rose and the sky reminded us of the nights spent in the Himalayas under a glorious blanket of stars, I knew we all felt that connection some alive within us.

View from my terrace…

Looking back on those days right now, I would honestly be perplexed at how we spent 2 months doing absolutely nothing productive or worthwhile to boast of. But then I remember the laughs, the music, the fights, the wrestling, occasional partying, and I know they were magical days we may never get back… A life-long summer friendship, and some moments of peace that vanish in a heartbeat…

Housing.com is this new wonderful thing on real estate that everyone’s been talking about… Although personally I doubt I could find something there as wonderful as my terrace and these long-past moments with friends!

Trekking the Himalayas

The trek to Roopkund Lake. Image sourced from http://www.roopkund.com/
The trek to Roopkund Lake. Image sourced from here

Yes, yes and yes! It’s done, it’s decided and paid for, so there’s no backing out now!

I, am going on a Himalayan trek this June, and I’m so excited! I say this with a little hoppity-hop on one foot (the other leg is a little injured owing to my constant clumsiness) but, I guess one can gauge the excitement in my voice!

It’s been exactly four years since I last went trekking, and I spent those years pining for freshest air and snowy mountains and whining about how I have to work and/or study! So finally, yay!

I’m going for ‘Roopkund’ trek, which means ‘Mystery Lake’. It is a shallow lake at an altitude of 16,499 feet, and called so due to the remains of hundreds of human beings found here decades ago. When the snow melts, one can easily see the skeletons at the bottom. Interesting, isn’t it? You can read more about this on Wikipedia, here.

It is said to be a very beautiful trek, as the trail goes through forests and meadows. The difficulty level is higher than moderate, and on the last two days of the trek we shall be climbing through snow to reach the lake. And this means I REALLY NEED to get in some trekking practice to increase my stamina and fitness. Starting today, I have exactly 50 days to up my stamina to match that of a horse (Okay, okay, I’m exaggerating). I need to get myself to a level where I can jog 5 kilometres in 30 minutes. I need to challenge myself, that way I will have to get up in the mornings and actually do it.

So anyways, I’m dipped in nostalgia and I’m attaching here photos from my last Himalayan trek four years ago, to the ‘Pindari and Kafni glaciers’. Note: I am not a photographer, and these photos are only to showcase the magnificent beauty of the Himalayas, any which way I can. That being said, any constructive criticism on photographs is also welcome. I hope you all enjoy the photos, and do visit the Himalayas at least once, they truly are breathtaking!  🙂

Steep climbs initially to gain  altitude
Steep climb at the beginning to gain altitude
The trail

100_1217    100_1313

DSC06944    100_1333

We found some scattered bones, and rearranged them.
We found some scattered bones and rearranged them.
Happiness at getting to call home from a payphone at a small village!
Happiness! I got to call home after 10 days, from a payphone at a small village!

DSC06925  100_1365

Pindari Glacier
Pindari Glacier
Kafni Glacier
Kafni Glacier
Coldest campsite of the trek. We spent the night shivering.
Coldest campsite of the trek. A night spent shivering. (I’m the one in the red jacket)
As we reached base camp after the trek, hail stones that struck one after the other, along with huge droplets of pelting rain. had insane fun, most memorable moment of the trek.
As we reached base camp after the trek, hail stones struck one after the other, along with huge droplets of pelting rain. It was insane fun, and the most memorable moment of the trek.