Conversations over coffee

A rainy evening strolled lazily
Into the open arms of a café
Where sat four spunky young lasses,
dressed in attires almost passé

The conversations were lilting
and the rain paused to listen
to the melody of their laughter –
So spirited in its composition

Their lives no longer inextricably weaved
But they embroider a beautiful pattern
on time-worn fabrics, a soft array –
of tears, smiles and tender heart’s burn

The taste of friendship lingers long
after the last dregs of coffee are gone


Reunions with old friends are always the best. There’s that sense of familiarity that washes away all awkwardness accumulated with time. There’s the closeness and comfort that comes with knowing each other for so many years. These are friends who will know in an instant if something is wrong, or if you’re holding back something.

This poem is for my friends who made this weekend so much fun and interesting! Linking up with dverse, it’s Open Link Night! 🙂

Down to earth – A challenge on trees


Beautifully burning bright,
Soft red leaf-petals alight
Like flames lapping up the wood pyre
Through the branches like wild-fire


Forest of leaves in a cement jungle
Couple of trees standing lone and humble
Buildings shoot up above the sparse canopy
Yet the spring blooms whisper a soft melody


The soft earth seems inviting
Strewn with fallen leaves and fruits
I nestle near the tree so confiding
And whisper with a friendly feeling
I felt a bond that no storm could uproot,
Below the ground, we share the same roots


*By an utter, absolute coincidence, Tuesday evening I took my camera out for a walk and clicked some pictures of this beautifully blossomed tree below my building. I’m linking this up with Poetics over at dVerse, where Abhra has us writing poems about trees.

I’m also linking up to Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge (for the first time) where this week is about Leaves and Trees. I’m not a photographer, so for that I dove into my photo archives, and to my relief found a bunch of tree photos from treks and travels, in addition to the ones above. Here they are:

A tree at the top of the mountain
A Goa beach sunset


Sweet, lingering pain

The sweet pain that lingers behind
long after the fight has ended
Dark, cold nights still haunt from within
As cherry blossoms welcome spring

I welcome pain like an old friend,
we’re soldiers of that battlefield –
reborn from our scars of victory,
wounds of bloodshed that wouldn’t heal

I’ve given refuge all these years
And so it remains, comes and goes
My soul, it keeps chasing the light
But shadows whisper of the night

Leaping flames of shadowy greys,
They beckon to my unlit soul
My mind is now grey-tinted, with
Sweet pain to engulf the darkness


Over at dVerse it’s Open Link night, hosted by Beth Winters!

Fully cloaked



We’re all just microscopic ants, really
crawling all over the vast earthy expanse
Someone falls off the face of the earth
Every day, every second; Who knows, who cares
other than a shovelful of other ants…

Does anyone care what I think? Read what I write?
Will anyone notice me, if I step out as just me?
Maybe not. Maybe people see right through me.
Unless, unless… I defy the current
The tidal wave that seeps through generations.

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The same mistake


Let the past mingle with present
Merrily, the clink of a glass
The same whiskey bubbling around
Fogging your breath the ride back home

He likes it too, the same ol brand
And drunkenly slurs old film songs
At times he even looks like you,
Charming smile on a cocky face

I wonder what these choices mean
Chasing replicas of mistakes
Same old hangouts, same bartender
They see me with a different you


Over at dVerse, Claudia tells us to write a poem that conveys certain emotions without ever naming the emotion! That is to indirectly convey the emotion through scent, visuals, storytelling, etc. What a fun prompt, and this was my response!

Image sourced from here.


As each day sets, the dagger twists
Penetrates deeper in my heart
Held by your invisible hand,
Unknowing. Let me confess now.

It’s been quite a while; I’ll admit
But the while passed in such a blur
Maybe you should sit down for this
Gulp down a drink and hold your breath

It started a curious flutter
Gaze held longer, stolen kisses
A growing resentment at you
Pent up years of being good, faithful
Tender lip-lock and close embrace
Were much more fun than daily fights
Soon I had locked away my guilt
Heading, reckless, into the storm

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