Cavemen, machines & science

Do you sometimes go into a trance and imagine that if a caveman were to materialize in today’s world, how astonished he would be to look at all this modernization and technology? After the initial shock of seeing buildings stretching towards the sky and cars zooming at the speed of light, he will probably fire off questions on the science of it all, the cars, phones, television, computers, audio video recording, and even basics such as internet and electricity. Would he even understand the science behind man’s creative genius developed over the centuries? Would his brain be evolved enough to grasp this massive information overload within just one lifetime?

I also imagine a reverse scenario, with me as the caveman, all signs of evolution forced back into the past, and nothing to do but be either the hunter or the hunted. Imagine being responsible for further evolution of mankind and for laying down the very foundation of science! I’m not sure I could do it; stone age was simply too difficult.

Predators, fire, stone, tools, clothes, fences, wheel, cultivation… Is it possible that in some form, you and me were also part of these brainwaves that triggered man’s future genius? Somehow I don’t think it likely, seeing as I don’t even get along so well with machines in the present day. It’s a story for another post, but I’ll admit this much with great audacity I’ve never actually understood half the discoveries of science. Sure, I know what I learned in school, I know how things run on electricity and what fuels the engine in my bike. But would I have been the person to make those discoveries, had I been in their place? Probably not.

I know I’ve never faced a situation where survival itself is a prerequisite to living, but knowing myself well enough when it comes to creative discoveries in the field of science & technology, I will say that if I was the time traveling caveman in the modern day world, I would have been baffled with the explanation for internet & electricity. It is with a heavy heart I must conclude that the ‘stone age me’ must have been eaten by a tiger while wandering too far from the tribe. I hope that at least the tiger enjoyed his meal.

5 thoughts on “Cavemen, machines & science

  1. Caveman must ask questions, because that’s what humans do. As they had nothing to do other being curious, they strongly supported evolution unlike modern day materialism created by money and human creativity. Creativity took a wrong turn from evolution for a little while. Humans will enjoy this wrong turn, cherish the beauty of this valley and move on in few more hundred years after leaving debris of civilizations behind.

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      1. The more you see the more you want it. More useless attractive things you see, the more you want it. Materialism is because some humans are using human creativity to make a business and trick people into making them ‘human having’ more than the ‘Being’. Wrong turn is that which departs you from origins.

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  2. Isn’t this the point of evolution (… Or regression) How can one adapt in a single lifetime to something that took thousands of years to form? It’d be a wonder if we even understood 0.0048%
    P.S. I would rather be a meal for those giant snakes or sloths. Tigers are so 20th century 😛

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