Science? Or a metaphysical reality? 

I think the time has come to decide what to believe. I could believe that there was a purpose for this Universe, and that human race is indeed closer to finding the answers, which are, at the moment, mere theories. Or, I could choose to be stubbornly naive and say that the only things that exist are the things we perceive in this sensory world, believe that we will never find those answers, and thus turn my back on the philosophical questions of existence that have haunted me as well as our entire species, for generations.

After years of research and scientific experiments, are we any closer to knowing if there is any God, or if the Universe had any purpose whatsoever? Do scientists or non-atheists honestly believe that one day either a God or a purpose will suddenly reveal themselves to us, after resolutely ignoring the beseeching cry for answers raised by our species for billion generations?

I don’t think so. Perhaps, all that is going to happen is, The Last Human (so to speak), is gonna end up with an enormous amount of researched, well-written hypothesis. And he’s not gonna know what the fuck to do with it.

The Last Human will then take his last breath, and life will flash before his eyes, not just his own but of the billions of generations gone by, of all the people who gave up their lives in the quest for answers, searching for meaning. Even if there is an afterlife and even if we do learn the answers after death, truth is that no Human will ever have penetrated into this mystery.

Some people say that death is a mere inevitability, and that the spirit lives on, taking another life form. But, remembering one’s past life has always been beyond the ability of a mere mortal. If we are to start each new life as a blank slate, without a memory of the soul’s prior existence, what purpose is there to believe that death is only for the bodily realm? It seems like a mere consolation for those fearing death, the thought that we don’t really die and that the soul lives on.

So, I choose to be stubbornly naive. I think we only get one life, and if we don’t live it to the fullest, that’s it, we’re dead. I cannot say I can ever turn my back on the philosophical questions, I but right now, I choose to believe that the answers are not gonna appear miraculously; rather, there’s a possibility they will never be known, and we will be left shooting in the dark.

6 thoughts on “Science? Or a metaphysical reality? 

  1. Lets worry about real threats to humanity. There are two big ones at the moment . Climate and antibiotic resistance ; ethier could fragment civilisation and turn back the clock.
    So lets stop gazing out into space or playing on Mars and get brains and resources on what matters.


    1. if we will all die and there is nothing after that why we should care about the future of humanity I mean let’s all go and finish this useless life and yes a life for nothing is useless
      if all we do is care to survive just for sake of survival not for a goal or a purpose so our survival is useless in itself
      that doesn’t make sense to me but yet no one will be able to prove otherwise


      1. Life is full of alsorts of purpose. I’m 74 and in my life I have had many different aims and purposes.
        I’m no exception many will vouchsafe the same thing. Don’t dwell on the ultimate get on with digging the allotment. Get engaged with life and those you move amongst. I will probably die in hospital as did my father aged 81, but as I lie in that final bed I will be engaged with those around me as was my father.

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      2. But if there is nothing after life so why we bother all we need is to eat sleep and wait to die and that would be all life needs a bigger purpose then life itself or else will be just a delusion going after Achievements that affects only life and if nothing after life exists make life itself doesn’t exist in a sense of purpose

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