Showers of Desire

The soil had awoken with desire
When a light rain began to drizzle
It was soaked yet it felt afire,
Unable to mask the scent of its arousal

I walk barefoot under the moaning skies
that unleash their passion onto my face
drenching me with their unblinking eyes
Till I’m wrapped within rain’s loving embrace

I’m frenzied, I’m lost in its grip
Its touch soothes my heated skin
And the trickling water opens my lips
For a kiss that makes my head spin

I’m unguarded, overwhelmed by lust,
I put up no resistance. Undaunted it pours,
It’s fearless and rough, yet blindly I trust
And it seeps through to my very core

29 thoughts on “Showers of Desire

  1. lovely intimate moment in the rain….your interaction with the elements in this is very passionate…and there are times you just have to let it go…and barefoot is the best way to be…nice alternating rhyme scheme as well


  2. Well..i have a taste for soiled feet now..calloused brown feet is what i have most pride for..yes!.. lily virgin socked feet once were mine even in bed oh my GOD! i was not free…..

    To connect to mother earth..and reflect the ground up-on my feet is the freedom i want..
    yes! to simply be……

    free! again..

    one with Nature..
    never lost!


  3. Your write reminded me of the days before I had electric and running water. Those summer storms would come through with that blessed rush of cool and shower after a long hot day. It was just like you describe.


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