Conversations over coffee

A rainy evening strolled lazily
Into the open arms of a café
Where sat four spunky young lasses,
dressed in attires almost passé

The conversations were lilting
and the rain paused to listen
to the melody of their laughter –
So spirited in its composition

Their lives no longer inextricably weaved
But they embroider a beautiful pattern
on time-worn fabrics, a soft array –
of tears, smiles and tender heart’s burn

The taste of friendship lingers long
after the last dregs of coffee are gone


Reunions with old friends are always the best. There’s that sense of familiarity that washes away all awkwardness accumulated with time. There’s the closeness and comfort that comes with knowing each other for so many years. These are friends who will know in an instant if something is wrong, or if you’re holding back something.

This poem is for my friends who made this weekend so much fun and interesting! Linking up with dverse, it’s Open Link Night! 🙂

28 thoughts on “Conversations over coffee

  1. Love the opening line here Miss Moody!

    “A rainy evening strolled lazily
    Into the open arms of a café”

    Rainy evenings and cafes are themselves such old and familiar friends…and the perfect space for heartfelt reunions that remind us where our heart’s have been worn.


  2. I just had a reunion with two sisters who grew up with me a couple of weekends ago. We have stayed in touch through the years and seem to be able to pick up with each other effortlessly even though years can go by without us seeing one another. So glad you had a good time with your friends and shared with us here. And very nicely done too!


  3. This is such a good portrayal of those friendships…the kind you can pick up in the middle of a sentence. I’ve recently re-connected with my best friend from age 5 and on through my growing-up years. What a gift as we catch up on all the twists and turns of our lives as they’ve unfolded in ways unplanned (over 50 years worth!)


  4. A friendship sonnet set in a cafe (and delivered to the pub). Beautifully composed – free, breezy without the feel of structure but compact, complete without any unnecessary words or dressings – it delivers the joy of keeping up with true old friends as life progresses. Beautiful!


  5. “The taste of friendship lingers long
    after the last dregs of coffee are gone”
    I have lifelong friends such as these. And no matter how long since our last gathering, the camaraderie and love live on. Thanks for sharing and reminding me of them!


  6. Always nice to know that no matter how many years..that pass..the connections that did exist continue to exist no matter how long the coffee sits..but all it takes is someone to connect to bring it all back!..and it’s never to late in life to try and try again..until connection become reality same again!..smiles and have a great rest of SUNday 2ya!:)2!


  7. I new this was special after the first two lines. Discovering a new writer is a joy! Of course I did the discovering in the last piece I experienced a few days ago, and here I can see how language and you have a real understanding! Great poem, and theme as well.


    1. Each time you comment, you make my day! You are too kind… When you say language and me have an understanding, it’s like the best compliment ever.. Thank you so very much.. you have just made a girl really happy! 🙂


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