Conversations with a cloud


I saw a cloud floating above my window,
Aimlessly drifting till it spied me watching
We had a small staring contest
On this dull Friday morning

It sat on its cushiony white bottom
Looking down at me, staring hard
I stared back and thought I’m winning
But then the cloud brought out its trump card

It shifted slightly and the sun came out
Blinding me with the sudden glare
I shielded my eyes and looked away
The cloud said it had won, fair and square

I stuck out my tongue and made wry faces
So the cloud asked gently, “what’s wrong?”
“Nothing’s right, that’s what’s wrong
My temper is short and my sight is long,
I don’t study and exams aren’t far along –
I just write poems and sing silly songs
And my friends keep telling me I need to be strong!”

“Well, they are quite right” observed the cloud smugly,
“You gotta do what you gotta do!”
Quite rudely I snapped at it, “Is that so?
And how about we discuss what’s wrong with you?”

“Summer has barely begun but here you are
Untimely! Water in your belly rumbling so loud”
A flicker of annoyance had passed through me
At receiving smug wisdom from a cloud!

It huffed and puffed at my young arrogance
And the sun and birds fled the scene
It blew a gale of whistling wind
And let forth a torrent of rain over the green.


We’ve been having rains over here for some weeks now, so that’s the inspiration for this lighthearted bit of silliness! The ‘conversation with a cloud’ had been in my drafts for a while now, but in a gloomy-spot-the-silver-lining-metaphor kind of way. But I’m glad I was able to give this a light form!

41 thoughts on “Conversations with a cloud

  1. ha. what a fun little conversation with a cloud…and so very wise as well…
    i feel you on the exams…i just finished a monster paper last night
    and i could use a cloud to talk to…smiles.


    1. I’ll ship this one across to you! Although I sure hope my paper doesn’t make the person grading it, to wish he’d rather talk to a cloud! :-p


  2. And quite right you are: I’m on your side. We’ve had two weeks of almost non-stop rain here too… during the children’s holidays. You have no idea how grim that was! Love the fun in this poem.


  3. I enjoyed this conversation with the cloud ~ We have been having rains too but I don’t mind as spring is upon us ~ Wishing you Happy Weekend ~


  4. Loved the conversation 👍
    Took me back to those days where i learnt songs on rains.. Thank you for the nostalgic moments i have had.. 😊


  5. Quite entertaining. I especially enjoyed it when you moved into dialogue and out of description. There’s no need for rhyme in this poem — just stick with the interaction between you and the cloud. And your songs aren’t silly — don’t discount yourself that way 🙂


    1. Thank you! I agree, there’s no need to rhyme.. but after a couple of paras I realized I had rhymed! So i just stuck to it… Thank you so much for the comment!


  6. I had a similar conversation with the moon last night. Rudely woke me from a deep sleep, it did. Of course, I’ll write it a complaint letter. I like how you learned nature always wins.


  7. Beautifull.I was just sort of expecting the cloud to burst into a rain which i believe it did in the climax right?


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