Down to earth – A challenge on trees


Beautifully burning bright,
Soft red leaf-petals alight
Like flames lapping up the wood pyre
Through the branches like wild-fire


Forest of leaves in a cement jungle
Couple of trees standing lone and humble
Buildings shoot up above the sparse canopy
Yet the spring blooms whisper a soft melody


The soft earth seems inviting
Strewn with fallen leaves and fruits
I nestle near the tree so confiding
And whisper with a friendly feeling
I felt a bond that no storm could uproot,
Below the ground, we share the same roots


*By an utter, absolute coincidence, Tuesday evening I took my camera out for a walk and clicked some pictures of this beautifully blossomed tree below my building. I’m linking this up with Poetics over at dVerse, where Abhra has us writing poems about trees.

I’m also linking up to Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge (for the first time) where this week is about Leaves and Trees. I’m not a photographer, so for that I dove into my photo archives, and to my relief found a bunch of tree photos from treks and travels, in addition to the ones above. Here they are:

A tree at the top of the mountain
A Goa beach sunset


52 thoughts on “Down to earth – A challenge on trees

  1. ah. really a cool rhythm to the piece…and wonderful imagery…i like the flame on the wood pyre of the tree….and i see plenty of those leaves all over the sidewalk here too….and nestling near a tree…i am all about that as well…smiles….have a wonderful day


  2. I had to come and look for yours, and what a treat you gave me! The poem is lovely, and so are all the tree pictures. Is that a Flamboyant ? I have lasting memories of the Flamboyant trees from my years living in Seychelles. My other favourite from those days is the Casuarina


    1. Yes it’s a Flamboyant tree… in Hindi it is called the ‘Gulmohar’, I had to look up its English name!! The tree is a treat for the eyes!
      And thank you so much, Viv! 🙂 I love the photos myself.. . though if I had more time I’d have worked on my poem a little more!


  3. Oh, your photos are beautiful…..poetry in themselves! Second poem is my favorite. A tree has to be a clever one to survive in a ‘cement jungle.’


  4. Such glorious tree photos – spectacular! I feel sorry for the poor tree whose roots are on top of the hard ground……..I want to make a soft nest for them! So enjoyed your poem and the beautiful trees. Yes, our roots are much the same. And we need the same strength.


    1. Oh I know.. I keep looking at the tree wishing somehow i could make it more comfortable… Thank you so much for dropping by and commenting, Sherry 🙂


  5. I love those trees! We have them here in Florida, too. Brilliant! The photos came out very well and the poem made me smile 🙂 we do all have the same roots, excellent observation


    1. Yes I’ve recently been thinking about that a lot, i’m glad it came out well in the line about having the same roots! 🙂
      Thank you so much, Sara! 🙂


  6. I love the red fiery colors of your tree, what a beauty ~

    And thanks for sharing the pictures of trees ~ As I live in the city, we don’t have that many trees ~


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