Universe in me

Like the trees standing tall,

I am the Shade. 

Like the swallows flitting rapidly by,

I am Hope

For strength to spread its wings,

and for flight to return back home.

I am a part of everything I see.

I am you… 


This week’s ultimate gargleblaster question was:

Why do birds suddenly appear? 

And we have to give a (family-free) response in 42 words exact. Head over to the challenge by clicking on the badge. Trust me, it’s a very cool challenge!

33 thoughts on “Universe in me

  1. I wrote a poem about hope years ago when working along the highway, it was hope in the eyes of an injured dog apparently hit by a car, which was not going to make it. A Sad memory.


      1. For me, hope is positivity, optimism… Maybe because you have seen that unfulfilled hope in the dog’s eyes.. and that is something one cannot forget easily… But hope should be uplifting for the future, the way I see it.. 🙂


      2. President Obama used his Hope and Change as a positive, though it did not work out as planned, by no fault of his. Hope is positive because hope can always be. It is interesting, I just met a women named Hope at a birthday parity last Friday.


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