So book-ish


I dreamt of a library,
Filled with heaps of books
Rows of dusty wooden shelves
Everywhere I look

Artistic designs with a
Fine rustic aura
Grand, and yet a humble home,
Book lovers’ opera.

It would be my distraction,
My spare time hang-out,
Clamber up and down ladders,
Flit across and about

A holy shrine for knowledge,
Quest to quench a thirst
Read what strikes a fancy: Fiction,
Verse or recent cloud burst

The simple joy that rests in books –
Happy place for dreams
Basking in the words under
Filtered sunlight beams.


These days I’m getting increasingly nostalgic about books and libraries.. I miss checking out books almost daily, I miss the smell of wooden shelves and books, I miss sitting for hours cause you just have to finish this book you’re reading… This post seems dedicated to my childhood especially the summer vacations when I gobbled up books for lunch, dinner and in-between snacks…

The picture credit goes to Steve McCurry. Check out his wonderful post here.

4 thoughts on “So book-ish

  1. “Basking in the words under
    Filtered sunlight beams.”
    One of my favorite things…lovely visuals!


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