Two For Joy

We go together
We Go Together

Changing backdrops –
As the sun paces,
Rising and setting
In breathtaking hues
of pink and orange

Swirling mists,
Purple sunsets
Night time strolls,
Walks in the park
Stars shining down

Days became seasons
And seasons changed
But we held on
Two birds of a feather –
We were two for joy


Take Flight
Take Flight

A melody comes to life
And dreams take flight
Amidst footprints on gravel
Reflecting sunlight


She Celebrates Life

Flaming red hair, and a glint of gold
A fiery lass, but a sight to behold

She dressed with style and was blessed with poise
Captivated men’s hearts with her mesmerizing eyes

Heads would turn as she walked past
Her laughter could brighten the clouds overcast

She was desired by all, approached by a few
But she declined politely and bid them all adieu

She celebrated life with such passion and zeal
She’ll make you believe it is that simple and surreal


For Poetics at dVerse, Grace has introduced us to the beautiful, amazing paintings by Cheryl Kellar for inspiration. Head over to Cheryl’s site and check out some of her work, it will take your breath away. I had a hard time selecting just one painting and finally wrote a little bit of silliness on these three. I do hope that is okay…

The first one, Two for joy, was written for a friend of mine. We were like BFFs through college and then our 3 year internship, and we used to be together everywhere we went. She believes in superstition a little, and whenever she saw two birds hopping around, she used to say, “One for sorrow, two for joy”. And I always replied, “You and me, we are two for joy for everyone who sees us together.”  This painting immediately brought that to mind! 🙂


*Note: The paintings have been displayed with the artist’s permission.

14 thoughts on “Two For Joy

  1. I too like “Two birds of a feather – we are two for joy ~ And that last one, she sounds an enchanting person to meet ~ Your lines are joyful to read this morning ~

    Thanks for the 3 poetic verses inspired by the artist ~ Wishing you happy week ~


  2. celebrating life with passion and zeal…i like that… she sounds like quite an interesting woman… and i like the first one as well..two birds of a feather…nice


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