Lone blue heart

He traced the familiar lines on her palm.

She shudders, lips too weak to implore.

Lone blue heart pierced, blood gushing out.


His murder weapon? A pen.

Filling pages and reader’s minds with stunned dread.

A beloved character. Gone. In a flash.





This is my 42-word response to this week’s gargleblaster which asks, “Who dunnit?”

28 thoughts on “Lone blue heart

  1. Oooo, love the way you approached this! Sometimes killing off a beloved character makes the writer care even more. Thanks for joining the gargleblaster!


    1. The decision to kill off a loved character must be overwhelming for a writer… He definitely cares…
      Thank you for commenting, Christine! 🙂 Gargleblaster is fun, so you’re welcome!


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