The same mistake


Let the past mingle with present
Merrily, the clink of a glass
The same whiskey bubbling around
Fogging your breath the ride back home

He likes it too, the same ol brand
And drunkenly slurs old film songs
At times he even looks like you,
Charming smile on a cocky face

I wonder what these choices mean
Chasing replicas of mistakes
Same old hangouts, same bartender
They see me with a different you


Over at dVerse, Claudia tells us to write a poem that conveys certain emotions without ever naming the emotion! That is to indirectly convey the emotion through scent, visuals, storytelling, etc. What a fun prompt, and this was my response!

Image sourced from here.

18 thoughts on “The same mistake

  1. Chasing replicas of mistakes… i wonder sometimes if they make us feel comfortable cause we know how it feels.. i know that some women whose fathers drank marry someone who drinks as well.. either this or total contrast…for me it was total contrast… and i very seldom drink a glass of wine myself…


    1. It doesn’t really matter to me, if he drinks or not. And I do believe the replicas of mistakes is because of the comfort in what’s ‘known’… Thanks for commenting!


  2. I specially like this part:

    Chasing replicas of mistakes
    Same old hangouts, same bartender
    They see me with a different you

    And also the title, the same mistake ~ Yikes on the pattern ~


  3. Oh, you did this so well… and I think much of this is true for many of us, it’s so hard to break free from those patterns. I love the way you ended it, really brought the emotions home.


    1. I’m a little glad (relieved) and more sad that it’s true for many of us. I wouldn’t wish this repeating of patterns on anyone.. as you say, it’s hard to break out of!
      Thank you so much for the lovely comment, Kelly! 🙂


    1. Thank you, Kim for your wonderful comment! Although i wonder how you KNEW it was vicarious! 😉 And then, I’m happy it sounded clear and true to you.. So thank you, so much! 🙂


  4. “I wonder what these choices mean…” I suppose if we knew the answer, we might make different choices…but there is comfort in the familiar (whether good or bad). nicely written.


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