You were never worth it
Never worth that much pain,
Countless tears wasted and
Constantly throbbing ache

I never saw through you
Till someone slapped me hard
Woke me up, made me see
What you’re really made of
It was in front of me
Right underneath my eyes
The lying, the doubting,
How could I not have seen?
Finally I’m awake
Broken down opaque walls
See you in clear light
Stripped down, nowhere to hide

As we parted ways
I looked at you, waited
For an apology
In vain; it never came 

You didn’t change, you never will
Ego, pride bubbling up
Centered on selfish goals
Immature, stay the same

Its time I got closure
It didn’t take you much long
Again it proves my point
That you’re not worth more thought

I will not be hurt any more
So stick a fork in me, I’m done.

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