As each day sets, the dagger twists
Penetrates deeper in my heart
Held by your invisible hand,
Unknowing. Let me confess now.

It’s been quite a while; I’ll admit
But the while passed in such a blur
Maybe you should sit down for this
Gulp down a drink and hold your breath

It started a curious flutter
Gaze held longer, stolen kisses
A growing resentment at you
Pent up years of being good, faithful
Tender lip-lock and close embrace
Were much more fun than daily fights
Soon I had locked away my guilt
Heading, reckless, into the storm

I was far gone, was addicted
Drawn into the throngs of passion,
Never before felt. He was pure,
But with each kiss my lip bled black.

Then the guilt broke out in such ways
Erupting unexpectedly,
Bubbling out at the strangest times
Scorning at me as it escaped
I turned into an utter mess
Would be a gross understatement
It was me riding out the storm
Fate sealed; a choice I poorly made

Your face is impassive, thoughtful
I trail off weakly, done and said.

Without a look or even a goodbye, you walk out the door
I realize you were long gone; it was me twisting the dagger.



Over at dVerse, Tony has us writing blank verse. He teaches all about iambic pentameter, and rhythm in a poem in Meeting the bar. dVerse is already teaching me so much, and I’m having fun here, already!

This is my submission for blank verse, hope I got it right! Constructive critique is very much welcomed, so any tips and pointers will be greatly appreciated! 😀

18 thoughts on “Unfaithful

  1. it’s easy to get into a vortex of passion and difficult to escape… honestly.. i learned that the only way is to let yourself get sucked to the ground and then you can swim out…. though you need god nerves for this…


    1. The guilt slowly subsides, having paid the price and taken full responsibility for the truth and consequences!
      Your comment melted my uneasiness though.. Thank you so much, Beth!


  2. smiles…passion can def be overwealming…and you can get in over head…nice hit ont he guilt that comes with it as well….and love….will cut you open…and i agree…sometimes you have to hit bottom to get back up again…


    1. Scars are a reminder of choices made in the past… But the wound is long closed, and that is a learning point.. to go forward in a different, better direction… Thanks for commenting, Bjorn! 🙂


  3. As with a number of the other pieces submitted, I’d love to hear you read this aloud so that I can hear the rhythms you intended me to hear. There are some wonderfully rhythmic sections in the poem; just one or two places where I stumbled as I read – and that might have more to say about me as a reader than about you as a poet.


  4. I wonder about confessions, and I wonder even more about secrets. I found this a natural unfolding of the emotional released when passion has been squeezed into a hidden place and eventually erupts. The result is explosive and uncontrollable. Very well expressed.


  5. Too powerful i must say.. portraying stills of the story with me in the audience picturising each and every word.. Makes me revisit all those moments in my life that have left a scar inside.. Too powerful.! 👍


  6. we seek comfort for hidden pains knowing the resulting pain will explode around us…
    maybe like hunters we seek passion instead of growing it from the tiniest seeds of love
    this was a strong poem.


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