Among the things we take for granted

Greedy for what we hadn’t realized we wanted

Add to that the long-lost feeling of ‘wonder’

A matrix so sound there’s nothing left to ponder


Mysteries that science and logic explain

Disbelief for spirits of the evil slain;

Mystical creatures that exist only in myth

No starry-eyed children for Peter Pan to fly with


The only escape from this realm of reality

Is to let yourself fall, embrace gravity

Get lost within your world of imagination

And let that be your recurring salvation


It’s a dreamer’s paradise, filled with the unexplored

It may delight you or it may haunt but you’ll never get bored

Here in we visit the city of Gotham, or set the supernatural free

Or splurge the dark mind of a villain instead, out on a killing spree.


It’s the limitless to be traversed, by day or night

It is endless potential, through wit or might

Just hold on to your totem, firmly within grasp

It could be the reason you write, or whose hand you clasp


I got to thinking about how in this era technology has made everything so easy and within reach, safer and yet all the more deadly. We no longer think of the traditional evils, of the myths and horrors unknown. Everything is explained by logic, science and technology, not much left yet to explore. My imagination led me to the unknown, the ‘Limitless’.

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